Babewatching on Wall Street

Whether you’re a Tea Party fan, one of the nation’s richest, or an attendee either physical or spiritual at the current wave of Occupy Wall Street inspired protests sweeping the planet, the fact that you’re reading this blog means you appreciate the beauty of the feminine form. So too does documentary filmmaker Steven Greenstreet, whose ‘Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street’ video has aroused both ire and admiration from 99%-ers around the world. With some women finding Greenstreet and cohort Brandon Bloch’s 4-minute video tribute to a selection of attractive, intelligent, proactive protesters of New York’s Zuccotti Park to be nothing but the sexist work of two lecherous heterosexual ignoramuses, the video has inspired so much debate that Salon even published a 2,500 word discussion amongst its staffers as to whether or not ‘Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street’ was sexist. The outcome? Maybe, maybe not.

What seems to be missing from so many of the ad hominem attacks on Greenstreet (as well as a wordless arson attempt at his apartment) is that the vast majority of the videos runtime is devoted to showing protesting women celebrating their common ground together and rather lucidly expressing their reasons for attending the Occupy Wall Street protests. Isn’t that what political activism is all about, getting your point across in a clear and emphatic way? Whatever your stance on Greenstreet’s alleged sexism, you have to admit that his video is drawing a huge amount of attention – from such international news sources as Le Monde (France), Folha (Brazil), Index (Croatia), and, uh, The Salt Lake Tribune – to an increasingly popular cause.

Just be thankful these are Urban Outfitters-wearing hipsters and not the muddy, hairy hippies of the 60s! Well, unless that’s your thing. No judgment here at Mr. Pink’s.

Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street from Steven Greenstreet

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