Awareness raising charities have never been more prevalent than they are now – see recent hubbubs over Lady Gaga’s youth empowerment-focused Born This Way Foundation and Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccine Generation Rescue and that whole Pink Ribbon for breast cancer campaign started by the Susan G. Komen organization – but until recently it had seemed most campaigns that took to social media for disbursement were mainly spread and supported by women posting make-up-free selfies and supposedly leukemia-focused cleavage parading. The fellas have finally joined in the fun of (reported) fundraising, snapping selfies that, save for a well placed sock, would be utterly, totally naked. And it’s all in the name of raising awareness of testicular cancer… or prostate cancer… whichever one you like, I guess. (As a movement, it does seem a little unfocused.)

Cocks in Socks

Now, far be it from to claim a double standard when there are so many held against women but not us men, but why does it seem perfectly acceptable in the eyes of so many vocal Instagram and Twitter users (and, if you believe they’re legitimate, Buzzfeed commenters) that all men depicted in the celebratory articles are tall, fit, muscular, and, largely, tattooed and sporting some kind of hip hair style, cranial or facial? Isn’t spouting “Hot damn… Um.. please excuse me while I change my panties ;p” in regard to the valiant effort of brave, selfless men exposing their most vulnerable states to an anonymous global audience a little, well, sexist? Wouldn’t the same comment be downvoted to all hell if posted by a man in response to, say, #titsinmitts? Way to treat us like pieces of meat, ladies! And exactly how does Buzzfeed, HuffPo and other news and content aggregators racking up millions of page views (and advertising dollars) on the backs of these boys and their barely-sheathed tackle help fight… whatever cancer is allegedly the focus here?

2014 AVN Nominees Announced – Now with More tips!

AVN Awards 2014The adult entertainment industry already has a strong presence in the city of Las Vegas, but come January 18 of 2014, “Sin City” will be positively overrun with cocksuckers, assfuckers, cum guzzlers, pussy-drillers, camera-wielders, lighting technicians, (legal) pimps and publicists and promotions teams, all focused on one thing and one thing only: recognition. (Well, and sex, too. And money.) And, with nominees now announced in all 135 categories, the AVN Awards season is in full swing. But who’s careers are on the verge of exploding thanks to a statuette, which superstars are about to become legends, and which behind-the-scenes talent is hot-tipped to become the next Axel Braun or John Stagliano?

Having ogled and assessed porn in every 50 weeks of the year thus far, I, Mr. Pink, am in a particularly good position to offer my tips to all those engaging in a little NSFW betting pool, for all the major categories at least. While there are simply too many nominees to list them all here – my apologies to all those hard-working men and women left unmentioned – we’ll be assessing the odds of our favorites scoring the top prizes in their respective categories over a few blogs in the lead-up to the 2014 AVN Awards. And why don’t we start with the most coveted prizes of all…?

Asa Akira

Having signed an exclusive performance contract with Wicked Pictures and lending her directorial talents to Elegant Angel, 2013 AVN Female Performer of the Year Asa Akira hasn’t slowed or cooled down one bit since her win earlier this year and looks set to become the second back-to-back winner (after Tori Black in 2010 and 2011).

James Deen

Winner of the 2013 Male Performer of the Year trophy, James Deen has had a pretty incredible year, but don’t be surprised if his dramatic turn in Paul Schrader and Bret Easton Ellis’s ‘The Canyons’ puts him in top spot as Mainstream Star of the Year, making room for another win by perennial favorite Manuel Ferrara (for what would be his fifth).

Cindy Starfall

In my personal favorite category of the AVNs, Best New Starlet, the competition is fierce and sees everyone from A.J. Applegate and Casey Calvert coming up against Raven Rockette, Rikki Six, and Jodi Taylor, but my pick goes to the tiny yet utterly insatiable Cindy Starfall. In her first full year of US porn production, Ms. Starfall shot her first creampie, blow-bang, squirting, double-vaginal, and gangbang scenes. Sure, other girls have done much the same this year, but nobody has come close to Cindy’s aggressive enthusiasm, camera-lens eye contact, compact but thrilling figure, and, most of all, the way her Vietnamese-accented voice begs for ‘your’ attention and affection.

As the weeks fall away and the 2014 AVN Awards approach, keep tabs on the brightest award hopes with Mr. Pink’s and, please, share your favorites with us on Twitter.

Can’t Keep a Danish Nympho Down

Plenty of those working in the adult industry have found themselves up against YouTube’s posted Community Guidelines for posting content deemed inappropriate and unwelcome, too sexually provocative for a general audience. Self-shot pornstar vlogs and adult movie trailers alike have been taken offline after being reported by more conservative users, but movies with worldwide cinema distribution deals have largely been left to flourish in the most expansive marketing tool the industry has ever seen. Until now.

Lars Von Trier

For those unaware, that’s Danish cinema provocateur Lars Von Trier, whose next film’s trailer was recently unleashed upon a global cinema culture wet with anticipation. Then, rather unceremoniously, it was pulled from YouTube, the most visible (and vital) viral video site (and promotional tool) in history. Thankfully, YouTube isn’t the only game in town, leaving Vimeo, Onion’s A.V. Club, and numerous other outlets to run the highly explicit, defiantly NSFW trailer uncensored. And, surpassing most expectations (at least the more puerile ones) and following on from a series of orgasmically evocative character posters, the trailer’s loaded with explicit imagery that should persuade you to ignore the more intolerable heart-wrenching films of Von Trier’s past and at least give Nymphomaniac, which is reported to run 5½ hours in its full cut, a devoted fast-forwarding.

For the trainspotters out there that still need to be convinced to check out the trailer, here’s a brief rundown of the carnally adventurous treasures it contains:

– Graphic (if brief) shot of labia in repose.
– Charlotte Gainsbourg crawling naked, sucking dick, and fucking on a hospital bed.
– … and beaten black and blue.
– A proposed virginity-shedding.
– Uma Thurman referring to a “Whoring bed,” before screaming her lungs out.
– A bare-assed caning, complete with instructions and corrections.
– Stacy Martin wiping what appears to be ejaculate from her lip and breathing “Wow.”
– Shia LaBeouf licking a nipple.
– Some crying.
– A few pretentious lines of voiceover.
– and Rammstein.

Nymphomaniac, in its truncated form, is set a Dec. 25 US release. Learn more at the official website and, for now at least, just watch the damn trailer!

Nymphomaniac Official Trailer from Zentropa on Vimeo.

Ballet and Porn: Curious Bedfellows

Ballet and pornWhat makes ballet so boring? According to Tamara Rojo, the newly appointed artistic director of the English National Ballet, it’s men. Men often approach dance in much the same way they approach pornography, Rojo told Time Out magazine, suggesting that she and her female fellows would bring a more sexually egalitarian sensibility to a world of dance currently overrun with male perspectives and attitudes. “Female sensitivity is different,” Rojo said. “And there are issues that I want to see on stage approached by women. Very often we see relationships approached from a male perspective. Like in porn, it shapes the way you look at things.”

Asked to elaborate on her ballet-porn analogy, Rojo told Time Out “It tends to be a more physical approach. Men start with the steps. I find women start with the emotional landscape. They say, ‘This is the situation; let’s find a language for it.’ With men it tends to be, ‘This is the language,’ and then you try to work out the situation through the steps.” Before you cry “artsy-fartsy” at her, though, give Rojo’s observations some credence. How many times have you seen porn briefly revolutionized by a woman? Directors like Belladonna and Dana Vespoli and Bobbi Starr, adventurous and daring performers in their own right, broadened the palette of mainstream hardcore porn almost immediately upon taking up the camera. Belladonna brought more powerful performers to the fore in an often all-female pantheon of decadence involving foot fetishism, tender lovemaking, brutal fisting sessions, and, oddly enough, frank conversation. Starr and Vespoli have followed Belladonna’s lead and are now producing movies far more expressive and original than most of their orifice-obsessed male counterparts. Although, I’m afraid, nobody seems to have alerted Rojo or her dancers.

The recent surge in feminist attitudes in hardcore pornography also seems to have been missed by Guardian columnist Judith Mackrell, who notes some major exceptions to Rojo’s description of methodical males and emotional women choreographers, exceptions like Twyla Tharp and Russell Maliphant. Mackrell continues, “The more important truth for Rojo is that with about 90% of today’s ballet repertory [and pornography -ed.] being made by men, as well as a disproportionate percentage of modern dance repertory, we have only a limited idea of the kind of work that women might make.”

So (continuing the ballet-porn analogy) now that Rojo has essentially landed control over the nation’s foremost adult film studios and while that might be a considerable step above Belladonna’s station as an Evil Angel director, it’s certainly not far off in terms of potential for an artistic, sexual, and industry revolution.

Tanya Tate: Superhero

Tanya Tate

We all know (and presumably are attracted to) Tanya Tate, right? She’s that dynamite blonde Liverpudlian who recently branched out from performing in adult films to directing adult films (Tanya Tate’s Runaways and Tanya Tate’s Tea & Muffin Party, anyone?), and the latest in a continuing line of adult performers immortalized in comic book superhero form. After Pamela Anderson’s and Stan Lee’s Stripperella, Penthouse Comix, and numerous “parody” publications filled with explicit Fantastic Four-ways comes Tate’s very own creation, Lady Titan launching this weekend at San Diego Comic Con.

After building a thriving fanbase with her combined careers in hardcore porn and cosplay modeling – the latter sending many geeks plotzing with her renditions of Emma Frost, a foxy female Green Lantern, Catwoman (the Julie Newmar version), Black Canary, and She-Ra – Tate now moves more directly into the world of genetic mutations, freak biological accidents, villainous monsters, and caped crusaders of justice. And she’s doing it at the world’s annual comic-fan clusterfuck: San Diego Comic Con 2013.

Created with artist Mikel Harvey and colorist Simon Gough, Tate’s titular heroine has an origin steeped in live-action superhero television lore. Lady Titan begins as an out-of-work actress finds her recently acquired vintage costume outfits her with the powers of the 70’s TV superhero that once wore it onscreen. Tate boasted, “The character herself is not a ‘Superhero’ but someone thrust into that role; partly because of her sense of what’s right, but also her own survival. I think readers will have fun with Lady Titan.”

Tate will be appearing at Geekscape’s booth (#3919) at Comic Con all weekend, so if you’re in San Diego for the festivities, be sure to stop by and check out Lady Titan in flesh, in print, and in limited edition 11×17 poster form (autographed by the lady herself, of course).