Christy Mack vs The Race Card: Round One

Nowadays, the only thing worse than being racist is accusing someone of being racist. ‘Playing the race card,’ generally involves bringing an observation or accusation of racism into a conversation thought to be otherwise devoid of such subtext. Usually, though, the racism is present, just well-hidden (as is historically customary), leaving the now obviously bigoted to resort to shame-avoiding debating techniques like shouting “The race card! The race card!” This phrase immediately makes the subject (the person ‘playing the race card’) a bleeding-heart liberal windbag who should be ignored at all costs and the person who initially roused said windbag’s anti-racist ire a valiant protector of free speech. Oh, the irony!

What to do, though, when a favorite pornstar is accused to harboring racist sentiments that keeps her from fulfilling your most precious fantasy? What to do, though, when Christy Mack openly states that she won’t fuck black guys on camera, denying her fans the hardcore interracial scene they’ve been clamoring for?

Christy Mack

Christy Mack, the heavily tattooed, mohawked vixen who’s taken the porn world by storm of late, has been labelled “a racist” by some so-called fans simply because she has decided not to have sex with African Americans in her professional life. I first encountered such an accusation in a comment (since removed) on a Videobox scene and, some hasty Googling later, found a wealth of outrage from fans pissed they won’t see Lex Steele tear up Mack’s pussy anytime soon. “Racist!” they cried, insisting that any woman who doesn’t fuck black men must utterly loathe them. But could that possibly be true? Does that make me racist ’cause I’ve never boned an Eskimo?

2 thoughts on “Christy Mack vs The Race Card: Round One”

  1. She makes it clear that she has no interest in Black Men in her professional life, but what about in her personal life? Has Christy Mack ever been with a black man sexually?

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