Christy Mack vs The Race Card: Round Two

Christy Mack

On the popular porn community site, FreeOnes, Christy Mack posted, answering a few questions from fans and providing some insight into her personality and professional agenda. Stating for the record her views on interracial hardcore, Christy seemed to clear everything up, saying “I do not do IR (interracial) because I don’t want to right now. I may do it in the future, I may not. I’m just being real with you all.” And in the minds of many fans it was this comment that solidified her racism? Perhaps Mack just isn’t fond of the way many directors instruct their African American male stars to act, constantly tossing out lines like “Take that big black monster dick, you white slut!” Perhaps her boyfriend, MMA fighter War Machine, simply knows when he’s genitally outmatched and has asked his beloved to abstain while with him. Perhaps (though I doubt it) Christy Mack has some physical limitation barring her from riding any dick over 9″, putting Mandingo, Lex Steele, Sean Michaels, and Shane Diesel out of competition for her cooch.

Most simply, though, Christy Mack is likely holding off on performing an interracial scene because she knows the presiding rule of governing one’s career as a female performer in adult entertainment: avoid an act for years and when you finally give in you’ll make much more than any initial offering. In porn, the bottom line always wins. When it comes to boy-girl, creampie, anal, DP, or gangbang scenes, the bottom line wins. And, when it comes to African American penises entering white women, the bottom line wins again.

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