Conjoined Girlfriends Ruffle Feathers

'Conjoined' from Girlfriends Films

When Huffington Post reports on porn, you know it’s about an issue, a person, or an event that has significant crossover appeal. Imagine my surprise then, when I hit up ol’ HuffPo for the latest audacious gossip involving porn either directly or tangentially only to find a story about, of all things, conjoined-twins-porn. And not real conjoined-twins porn at that, but obviously fake prosthetically-aided lesbian porn from Girlfriends Films.

Starring Mischa Brooks and Rilynn Rae, who at 5’2″ and 5’10” respectively, don’t exactly meet the physical demands of their roles, ‘Conjoined’ is a new hardcore lesbian movie from Girlfriends Films that sees this pair of conjoined twins fall out over love. “One is more lesbian than the other,” director B. Skow told Huffington Post, “but both like girls. They don’t have sex with each other. When one is having sex with another person, they will put a sheet over their sister. Still, the other will feel things that her sister is doing.”

Following Skow’s initial idea of ‘What if one hot conjoined twin fell in love and wanted to be separated?’, Rae and Brooks dove into their unique roles headfirst. “It looks funny when they’re trying to get dressed,” says Skow, “but they are good friends in real life. The film opens with them trying to play Twister.” Twister, really? Oh, super-sexy, humorously conjoined twins, won’t you ever learn?

The Huffington Post piece remained uncharacteristically calm, devoid of the usual harsh and judgmental tone denigrating porn culture, and even managed to provide the release date (albeit a corrected one) for Girlfriends Films’ ‘Conjoined’: November 26th.

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