Naughty America’s Video Evolution

Naughty America's video playerA wave of changes have been taking place over at Naughty America, but they won’t necessarily have an impact the way you use the acclaimed, Mr. Pink-approved all-star porn network. Christmas-themed porn won’t be for everyone, remastered scenes might not impress you, and a non-network amateur site probably won’t have you rushing to sign up (not yet, anyway), but there’s one new Naughty America feature that’ll have every member’s jaw dropping.

Revamping its already strong streaming video player, Naughty America now features a decked-out viewing window loaded with features that were once much easier to miss. Streaming quality settings, download options, comments, ‘Favorites’ options, ratings, and the option to share a great NA scene with your pals on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus join the standard Trailer, Video, and Picture tabs to make Naughty America’s streams some of the most detailed oriented (pictorially and otherwise) on the ‘net.

Just another way in which it refuses to remain content with the status quo and continually evolves to increase your enjoyment of its award winning porn, Naughty America’s new streaming setup is a step above the rest.

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