Paradise in Phuket

Asian-themed website (and recent review subject of Mr. Pink’s) Thai Girls Wild doesn’t just offer a plethora of videos and photo galleries starring adorable Thai girls who are definitely DTF, it also functions as a visual guide to Phuket, Pattaya, and Bangkok for the horny tourist. With half-a-dozen galleries devoted to Beach Life, City Life, Night Life, Funny Life, and girls in Random Poses, as well as Beer Bars & GoGo Bars. These galleries paint a lush, exotic picture of Thailand’s three major cities with sun-drenched beaches, bustling shopping districts, and a flamboyant and vibrant nightlife offering visitors the chance to indulge in their most elemental passions. Oh, yeah, and the girls seem extremely eager to please.

Even more detailed is the tour guide found at SheMax, a five-site network devoted to Thailand’s famous kathoey (male-to-female transgender) population, which gives a thorough breakdown, in both image and written form, of where to go, what to drink, how much to pay, and how to find the hottest and most accommodating trannies in all of Thailand. Of course, this particular resource is better suited to those who don’t mind a little dick with their chick, but after six or seven shots of Sang Som rum, who can tell the difference?

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