Scarlett Rouge: 12 Years for Murder

Scarlett Rouge

Noted BBW adult performer, Scarlett Rouge, was convicted of murder in the second degree last week at the close of her trial in Niagara Falls, New York. The victim, Ralph Stone, bled to death from a single stab wound to the neck. Stone was the father of a two-year-old daughter and a landscaper for his family’s business. He was 24-years-old and Rouge’s boyfriend.

Arrested and charged with second-degree murder after an incident on February 6 of 2013, Rouge, whose real name is Jennifer Marchant, stood trial in Niagara County Court and detailed her relationship to the deceased and the court heard of her previous run-ins with the law and aggressive confrontations with former flames. On probation for DWI offenses at the time of the stabbing, Marchant had returned early from a new job with an Amherst collection agency to find Stone drunk and on the hunt for cocaine. After joining in the revelry and bringing a co-worker, Stephanie Dee, along for the ride, Marchant played beer pong with the victim and his friend, Ray Graney, before heading to a bar for more drinking. Later, a fight ensued that resulted in Stone being stabbed once in the neck with a kitchen knife.

The Niagara Falls Reporter detailed the findings of the court and summed the whole incident, which left the families of both victim and convict in tears at the reading of the verdict, as “a lesson in how anger, jealousy, stupidity and drugs and alcohol can destroy people.” At the time of the incident, the victim’s mother told Examiner reporters, “as far as I know, they got along well. She came for Christmas. She seemed like a real nice girl.” Marchant’s family is considering an appeal and considers her actions self-defense. It’s an all-too familiar line and one that unfortunately tends to end up with abused and battered women incarcerated for protecting themselves and their families. Before her 12-year sentence was handed down, Marchant spoke of the victim to Niagara Falls County Court, saying “I loved him too, a lot, but I did everything I could that night. I begged him to stop. I should have known better.”

Jennifer Marchant

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