Lylith LaVey Takes Bang Bros to Court

lylith lavey evil angel

When news broke in mid-2012 that a male adult performer had altered a standard pre-shoot STI test to conceal his syphilis (a.k.a.: the STI that my mother claimed would send me roaring towards total insanity; aka: the most popular STI of the 15th Century), the industry rightfully clutched their collective genitals and said, “Shit, that guy’s an ass (and I hope I didn’t fuck him).” One person who did fuck Mr. Marcus, the man in question, was Lylith LaVey yet she has managed not only to use the legal system to hit back at Marcus himself (as she did in to the tune of $129,360) but also at the company she claims was neglectful in allowing Marcus to perform with a fudged test: our ol’ pals the Bang Bros.

Claiming her association with Mr. Marcus (now known as Mr. Syphilitic) caused her “emotional distress as well as castigation from others in her field,” LaVey (real name Heather DeAngelo) filed suit in early-2014 against Bang Bros, the production entity responsible for the scene in question and Mr. Marcus’ booking. LaVey’s case against the Bros didn’t make it to court and she was awarded an undisclosed sum of money via a settlement agreement with the company. After a 13-month-long lawsuit proceeding, it now appears that this little nightmare episode has resolved itself nice and tidily with the wounded compensated, the negligent hit where it hurts, and the truly guilty scrambling to reassemble his life and career.

Two questions remain, though: who knew you could successfully sue someone for almost (but not) infecting you with syphilis? And who on Earth would change their name from a perfectly porny real name like Heather DeAngelo?

Lylith LaVey at Evil Angel

#BreakTheInternet with Bang Bros, Brazzers

Kendra Lust and Nikki Benz parody Kim Kardashian

A few weeks ago, Paper Magazine unleashed what has arguably proven to be its most important issue, but it wasn’t the articles contained within that courted controversy and saw readership expand thousand-fold, it was Kim Kardashian’s ass. The images are now legendary, having been passed around the Internet on seemingly every social media and news platform. In fact, the shots of Kardashian’s oiled rear end have even inspired a SNL parody starring Nicki Minaj and prompted one SAT prep company, Catalyst Prep, to use the most famous backside on Earth to gussy up math questions on an otherwise humorless paper. Now it’s porn’s turn.

Bang Bros site Ass Parade released on Monday their parody of Kim K’s now infamous cover shoot, casting the exquisite Kendra Lust and her astounding derriere and coming quite close to matching the styling of Paper’s shoot. With pearls wrapped around her neck and hanging from her earlobes, hair piled in a high wrapped bun, and wearing only the skimpiest black-and-white lingerie, Ms. Lust looks very much the part as she poses for the Ass Parade camera. Enter Mike Adriano and commence ass-eating, double-cumming, and a creamy facial that seals the deal.

Not one to be beaten on novelty, Brazzers enters the fray on New Year’s Eve with the much-hyped casting of Nikki Benz in Kim K’s place. Standing tall in a black sequined dress that amplifies her already amazing curves, Benz balances a champagne glass on her ass before sliding her dress down to reveal her cheeks. Enter Keiran Lee and commence… well, we’re not sure yet since the scene’s still under wraps until NYE. Talking to XBIZ, though, Ms. Benz let out a few teasers: “During our scene [Lee] was making me cum so much! I was so horny I just asked him to do something I haven’t asked another male performer to ever do, and he was more than happy to comply. I don’t want to reveal what it is yet. I guess you guys will have to stay tuned to find out!” For Keiran’s part, he called Benz “one of the all-time greats of porn” and promised her fans and his would both love this Brazzers pairing, declaring it “one of the most intense scenes I’ve ever performed in,” and confirming Benz’s adventurous performance ventures into new territory and will show fans “something they have never seen from Nikki Benz before.”

If those hints are hinting at what I think they’re hinting at, I have a feeling the esteemed ZZ might be right: if Kendra Lust as Kim Kardashian won’t #breaktheinternet then perhaps Nikki Benz’s new exploratory scene will.

Beatin’ on a Budget!: with Bang Bros

Bang Bros

In the year 2075, when porn has either been eradicated entirely from the now-chaste society or hard-wired to our subconsciousness as the only functional stimulation of our erogenous receptors, people will look back on the period between 1998 and 2008 as ten years of pornographic wonderment that solidified a style that would persist until the last load is blown. That style is known as “gonzo” and there’s really only one place in town that typifies the gonzo porn experience: Bang Bros.

A network comprising some 48 websites – notables include Ass Parade, Back Room Facials, Backroom MILF, Ball Honeys, Bang Bus, Big Mouthfuls, Big Tit Cream Pie, Big Tits Round Asses, Blowjob Fridays, Facial Fest, Glory Hole Loads, and PAWG (phew!) – Bang Bros is not only really fucking large and abundantly stocked, it’s something of a laugh riot, too. The irreverent approach of the main Bang Bros crew sees pranking, spanking, and yogically side-planking sex ignite the screen in a wide variety of situations and scenarios. Although not yet equipped with 1080p High Definition videos, Bang Bros’ 720p streams and downloads, and the 2000px galleries accompanying them should do you quite well.

Bang Bros’ 48 websites hold a collective 6,937 scenes (342 of which have been remastered in HD). Breaking that down on a per-dollar basis, your bargain-priced $14.95 month-long membership means you’ll be paying a ridiculously low 49¢-per-day, 31¢-per-site, or 2¢-per-scene. Any way you slice it, the current Mr. Pink-endorsed Bang Bros deal gives you an unparalleled gonzo porn experience for a truly tiny price that no porn fanatic in his or her right mind could possibly be convinced was anything other than the best porn deal on the ‘net.

Gambino, Bang Bros, You Adore Abella

Porn has always been about the stark marriage of two different images or entities: the man and the woman, the penile and the vaginal, the black and the white, celebrities and graphic depictions of their most private moments, the discharged liquid and the receiving solid. (The overly obvious “big dick” and “tight hole” also applies.) Now, one unlikely combination of talents sexual and muso-comedic has resulted in a hip-hop video with a decidedly unusual erotic twist.

In the following video you’ll hear Childish Gambino (a.k.a.: Donald Glover) declare his undying fondness for a particular lady and see the marvelously constructed Abella sexily move around the window of an online webcam chat as Glover’s words appear in the chat field. Met with plenty of xs, os, and emoticons, Glover’s spiel doesn’t have an especially deep effect on Abella, but it does incite her to dance seductively and that’s enough for this guy (meaning me) and that guy (meaning Childish Gambino) both. Care to lay your eyes on Abella’s sultry swaying?

Childish Gambino’s unfortunately lifeless delivery belies his intended emotional core, leaving ‘3005’ an infantile and directionless jab at a witty hip-hop devotional. It’s left then to Ms. Anderson to entertain and that she does, gyrating her red bikini and white t-shirt-clad frame in a cyber-striptease for the author. Anyone who’s seen her ace work for some Bang Bros can surely agree that Abella’s almost as scorching in tease as she is in full carnal swing, making her work here with Childish Gambino a must-see even if the track falls flat.

Abella Anderson’s role in ‘3005’ also ties nicely into a promotion currently being run by her not infrequent employer, Bang Bros. Offering their members the chance to win $1000 of free webcam credits (to be used on Bang Bros Chat), the BB crew ask only for your participation in their weekly raffle, the winners of which can indulge in live webcam shows with pornstars, amateurs, and plenty of Eastern European chicks – on the house!

If that doesn’t constitute proof of both Bang Bros and Ms. Anderson’s relentless devotion to keeping you aroused and entertained as only the best online porn can, what can?

(*Although, it must be noted that upon clicking the posted “Interested in our no purchase necessary option,” all I arrived at was a link-less sentence (“Also learn about our no purchase necessary option here.”) insisting that, although notably absent, a ‘no purchase necessary’ option did indeed exist. For this slightly evasive and deceitful promotional stunt , fellows, I’m afraid you’ll have to part with actual (virtual) currency to the tune of $1.35!)

Brand New at Bang Bros

Bang Bros and Culioneros might be teasing members and fans with new sites and working us all into a tizzy of anticipation, but the Bros have already pulled their prank by adding four new sites the the Bang Bros network with nary a welcoming bouquet, press release, or musical fanfare to draw attention. Here’s a rundown of the latest additions to the lil’ network that could, did, and still does:

Bang Bros Angels focuses on gorgeous young models masturbating before the camera. Captured in HD like all other Bang Bros sites, the two scenes already online offer high levels of visual detail, dynamic sound, and effervescent performances from Alaina Fox and Layla Rose as they use fingers and toys to reach new heights of self-supplied pleasure.

When one anonymous dick isn’t enough… Glory Hole Loads! Finally a new glory hole site makes it to Bang Bros and brings with it three women each sucking a parade of cocks to messy completion. The girls, Layla Sin, Maia Davis, and Abella Johnson seem quite at home in the cramped adult video stall as they’re greeted by dicks of all shapes and sizes.

You’d think Bang Bros already had a sufficient supply of slutty white girls, but Slutty White Girl proves otherwise. Although only hosting one scene at writing, this site appears to focus on hot palefaces doing what they do best: fucking one, two, three guys at a time. (A timid Natalie Lust does a capable job in the first scene.)

With teen sites littering the ‘net like the homeless litter the city of San Francisco, you’d think Bang Bros would go for something a bit more original than BangBros 18. Also only hosting one scene at writing, BangBros 18 sees Parker Page lead the new site off with a vigorous pussy-pounding scene shot in a high-rise apartment complex.

Well, congratulations, Bang Bros, on the newest additions to your growing family. Let’s hope they grow up to be healthy, horny, and thoroughly enjoyable members of your already incredible network.