This Woman Wants to Sleep With You

A Polish woman hopes to earn herself a place in the record books with an attempt to sleep with 10o,000 men in what’s shaping up to be a lifelong sex marathon.

Ania Lisewska

Ania Lisewska of Warsaw aims to rid herself of Poland’s sexually restrictive attitudes, saying “In Poland, the subject of sex is still taboo and anyone who wants to fulfill their sexual fantasies is considered a deviant, a whore, or mentally ill.” Even though her tally of men fucked thus far stands at a considerably modest 284, Ania seeks “men from Poland, Europe, and all around the world” to (if my math stands) provide her with four-and-a-half “encounters” every day for the 60 years presumably remaining in her life. That’s 32 per week, 1666 per year. And that’s only if she retracts her decision to only fuck strangers on weekends, reserving the working week for her boyfriend, who is reportedly “not thrilled” with Ania’s bold endeavor, but has “come to terms with it”.

There are those, however, who doubt Ania’s claims and say she’s simply out to promote herself as an adult entertainer. In response, she posted this “proof” that allegedly shows the plucky 21-year-old servicing two Czech gentlemen at a club in Prague.

Ania Lisewska gangbang

Her face unfortunately obscured, it’s hard to tell if the brunette with both mouth and pussy filled is actually Ania or a nameless, faceless nobody trawling the clubs of the Eastern Bloc for dick… Either way, perhaps a vacation is in order!

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