Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – September 30th, 2015

mrpinksFall is here and pushing us indoors to while away the hours conferring with the best of adult entertainment and this week at Mr. Pink’s we’re taking a look at four unique porno vendors and their remarkable smut. The Team Skeet network takes teen pornstars and expands their sexual horizons on 27 exclusive websites. Pornstar Empire does much the same for established stars of mainstream porn, offering high-quality streams and an enormous archive. Little Mutt’s treatment of sexy teens is commendable but risks soon becoming outdated without further upgrades. And, in its first review, brand new face-filling amateur site Blowbang Girls made a very strong impression despite a small collection. (That’s what true originality and authenticity will do for you!) Tune in next week, fap-fans, for another dose of Mr. Pink’s porn advice!

Fucking Cures Fear of Flying

Kagney Linn Karter and Kendra Lust

You found the perfect woman – she’s intelligent, attractive, has a great sense of humor, and is a deeply sexual being with few obnoxious family members to enter and ruin your life – but there remains one problem: she loves to travel and you’re a aviophobic homebody who can’t get on a plane post-9-11 unless heavily medicated and heading to Vegas. How to keep the flame burning so brightly when you can’t join her on a fucking tour of Central Europe or a trip to Nepal to simultaneously orgasm on a Himalayan mountaintop or receive the blowjob of your life behind Musee d’Orsay, now that’s a challenge you’ll be thrilled to hear can be tackled with sex.

According to therapist and former airline pilot, Tom Bunn, one key to dampening the anxiety caused by airplane travel could be sex. Bunn, who created the SOAR program to address flight phobias, told of a male client whose flying anxiety made every trip miserable, until he spent one pre-flight evening between the thighs of a newfound sexual partner, staying up late into the night to enjoy their physical pairing. The result was an anxiety-free flight, Bunn says, brought on by increased levels of oxytocin, a nonapeptide hormone generated in the hypothalamus to quell fear and trepidation, replacing them with calmer, more satisfied feelings. Sparked during foreplay, oxytocin offers what Bun calls a “sexual afterglow” and this can be recalled during times of stress, countering anxious thoughts and traumatic memories with, say, the mental image of your partner smiling back at you after roaring through some mighty wild sex.

Unfortunately, Bunn isn’t actually proposing sex on airplanes, instead suggesting the an enjoyable romp the night before a flight should be enough to tackle any unsettling ideas about air travel you might have. And, if not, just make sure to time your lavatory entrances well and don’t be discovered getting it on at 28,000 ft – at least not until you’ve both finished and basking in the toasty afterglow.

Kagney Linn Karter and Kendra Lust in Tittyfuck Airlines @ Brazzers

Beating on a Budget! with Stiffia


The porn world today seems largely focused on repackaging content for new audiences, new formats, and new viewing platforms. From 4K video up-conversions to Roku channels and networks loaded with blended licensed content to virtual reality, Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and cannabis-themed comedy porn, porn today is all about breaking down barriers. The Euro-based network Stiffia has a similar M.O. and has, for over a year now, pulled the world’s best porn from all manner of source studios to compile one impressive motherfucker of a network. Last Mr. Pink’s reviewed Stiffia, the network was heavily loaded with content from 23 websites. Not content with such an excellent effort, the Stiffia crew set about negotiating some new licensing deals that’d further fill their members’ plates with an even broader, bolder, and far reaching collection of porn.

Now offering two membership tiers, Free and Platinum, Stiffia has smartly turned itself into something of a legal tube site, a haven for extended trailers and previews that give you indirect access to stellar porn from studios worldwide. Free members can roam Stiffia as they wish, checking out ten-minute clips of highly-rated Brazzers, Bang Bros, Sweetheart Video, Puba, Party Hardcore, Public Invasion, Backroom Casting Couch, Girls Do Porn, Pure Mature, Fake Taxi, West Coast Productions, and Fuck N’ Drive scenes. Offered in HD resolutions of 720p and 1080p (depending on the source), these previews provide ample beating opportunities and should definitely not be disregarded as advertising material. Premium Stiffia membership includes access to everything already mentioned, everything Free members can access, just in full. Selected full-length episodes can be seen at Stiffia unedited and looking as good as they do at their original home, only for those paying Platinum members who also have access a personalized update feed, men’s mag-style articles, and the ability to “Follow” models and keep tabs on their work.

So, let’s say you grab a Free Stiffia membership and start checking out the wares. You’ll no doubt be impressed and aroused and want to upgrade to a Platinum membership, a purchase that normally costs $29.95 monthly but can now be had for only $14.95-per-month. And, with 92 Stiffia Channels available (over 20 of them offering full movies), the discounted membership cost brings each Channel to an price of just over 16¢ a-piece. The large Stiffia video archive now indexes an amazing 12,246 scenes, bringing each one, whether a ten-minute preview or a thirty-minute narrative film, to a per-item cost of just 8¢. This brand new version of Stiffia may not have yet ironed out every single kink, but there’s an absolute avalanche of incredible smut now sitting here and vying for your attention.

Stiffia… What a pity there’s only 24 hours in a day.