Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – February 16th, 2018

mrpinksAlright, folks. I’m gonna level with ya. James Deen: not a big fan of the man. That said, this week Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews took a look at his self-titled website and, fuck it, it’s impressive. A parade of porno starlets and wannabes run towards Deen’s dick and work it lustily in HD for your viewing pleasure. What’s not to like? (Oh, right…) On the other hand, FILF, another new step-family-fucking bonanza, looked great on the outside but was extremely troublesome inside. Sure, the HD streams of top-notch starlets fucking their “brothers” and “daddies” are great; they’re being hard to find really isn’t. Our blog subject this week detailed some more step-cest (and hot-wifing) action, this time with a Valentine’s Day theme. And, on that note, all of us at Mr. Pink’s hope your V-day was as enjoyable and eventful as can be. Join us next week for more from the ever-so-wide world of porn, as seen by Mr. Pink!

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