Mr. Pink’s Weekly Report – June 25th, 2018

mrpinksThere’s nothing quite like finally finding that one adult website you’ve been aching for for years and this week at Mr. Pink’s Porn Reviews we’re featuring two such sites. Couples Cinema offers its members a curated selection of free and pay-per-view titles touching on romance porn, BDSM, and emotional dramas, delivering HD streams of the world’s most couples-friendly fuck flicks. Virtual Pee offers something else entirely, something most of its members would be reluctant to share with a partner: virtual reality voyeurism featuring women into self-soiling watersports. Pissing on themselves, their clothes, their friends, and even the furniture, all before your very eyes in VR, the women of Virtual Pee make it a must-see for piss-fans and an out-there curiosity to everyone else. Next week, return for more tales from the expanses of human sexual experience (and entertainment) from yours truly, Mr. Pink!

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