Pix-and-Out for UK Cricketer

Professional athletes are always getting into trouble of a risque nature. In fact, 27 NFL players have been arrested since February’s Super Bowl XLVII for everything from DUI and carrying a concealed weapon to abuse and murder. While the athletes of Great Britain thankfully seem to be abstaining from the more reprehensible violent crimes, they’re hardly immune to behavioral slip-ups. One athlete in particular, Gareth Young of the Derbyshire County Cricket League, has just received an inordinately lengthy ban for what started as a rather stupid joke, but a joke nonetheless.

Young, who tweets as @Youngy10, allegedly posted an explicit image poking fun at League champions, Swarkestone, an image that saw him strung up before a disciplinary hearing. The result?

Not one to take his punishment for allegedly posting a photo of an erect penis lying down, “Youngy” took to Twitter to vent his frustration, gather support, and jump the “Keep Calm…” meme-wagon.

keep calm and pray for gareth

But instead of waiting out the duration of his punishment, Youngy decided the garden was where his future lay, not the pitch or the boudoir.

So, good luck on your future endeavors, Youngy, and may you keep on roaring and raging for free speech and juvenile, borderline-homophobic humor long into your retirement. Enjoy your gardening, but be careful, ’cause even a little backyard bat-and-ball action could have you in even deeper water.

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