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Missy Pinks at MrPinks.comDear Missy Pink,

My problem is with my girlfriend. We’ve been seeing each other for about a year and she has a fetish about her panties. She can barely open her dresser drawers, where she has what looks like hundreds of pairs she’s bought. I don’t mind that part, they’re pretty and sexy and she looks hot wearing them, but, she doesn’t want to take them off when we’re having sex. She says they make her feel wild when the silky material is rubbing against her woman areas. I have to just slide the crotch of her panties to one side to get into her and in all this time I’ve never had sex with her completely naked in bed. If her panties could talk, there’s stories to tell, but I’m not finding a very happy ending.

Kinky Clothes

Dear Kinky Clothes ;

Your question reminds me of an old saying, “Panties aren’t the best thing on earth, but they’re right next to it.” With that being said, it sounds as though your girlfriend definitely has a fetish for silkiness against her intimate erogenous zones. It’s a bit difficult when a certain kinky trait is not shared by both in a relationship, but, compromise belongs in the bedroom, the same as it does in the office.

Maybe it’s time for you to do some shopping, purchase a few pair of sexy, crotchless panties , giving her the ability of leaving them on, and still opening the gateway of gooeyness for your venture. Offer to get a bit wild and take a shower with her, when she’s totally naked at that time, lather up the lust and get clean and dirty at the same time. There are ways around your issue and not make it a deal breaker to your relationship.

Everyone has a little something hidden in their psychological make-up that is a turn on for temptation and tease, for some it is noticeable, for others, it may remain in just a fantasy state of mind. When the warmth of your body rubs against the softness of her underwear, which stimulates her skin and nerve endings, she finds that to be a major turn on, and, since you didn’t mention anything about their being issues as far as achieving orgasm and such, I’d say things must be satisfying as long as she can have… Hanes her way.

You want her to be satisfied, and you know what it takes for that to happen, although, your excitement needs to be addressed as well, which means a heart to heart talk and a meeting in the middle. Don’t make the conversation, “brief,” be as open as her thighs, and as truthful as the fit of her panties. If it means going from the shower to the shaft, before she’s stepped into her bloomers, then so be it. Don’t throw your relationship in the trash, because she won’t keep her panties in the drawer.

Oh, and who says her panties can’t talk, after all, there is a set of lips inside of them, move in for a closer reception, and maybe what you have to say in return will make her want to shed the silk for the natural side of hardcore pleasure.

American Boobs Reach New 34DD Heights

Conjure in your mind’s eye the chest of a notably busty celebrity, be she an actress, singer, model, or newscaster. Perhaps it’s Tyra Banks or Sofia Veragara (both of whom are reportedly 34DDs, by the way), but whoever it is they’re causing a wave of tingling, tightening sensations through your body, aren’t they? That, my friend, is the power of the female bosom. It sustains new life while promoting its creation through everyone’s favorite physical activity. Truly, the bosom is integral to the survival of the species, but at what cost?


Climate change, violent revolution, oppression of races, genders, sexualities, and spiritual beliefs, poverty, natural disasters, mass shootings… Where are the breasts of the world when these things are wreaking havoc on our lives? Why aren’t they swooping in to save the day, their undulating soothing the enraged and encouraging the hopeless. If recent reports from one of the female breast’s comrades in cups, the lingerie industry, are as well grounded as they appear, we’ve reason to believe there’s an army of increasingly powerful boobage in the making, an army that could be the salvation of this great nation and its people.

Bra sizes are increasing, says lingerie retailer and “bra fit stylists” Intimacy, with the average US woman now fitting herself with a 34DD bra, a significant leap from 1992’s average size of 34B. But is this size increase due to larger breasts throughout the population (due perhaps to better diets and more exercise) or are women simply fitting themselves with more comfortable undergarments? The latter, Intimacy says, is the most likely cause, with spokesperson Kate Terhune noting “Women are more educated about bra fit.” This theory is echoed by Cosabella, an Italian label that recently added 38C, D, and DD sizes, whose spokesperson Guido Campello believes the industry is now “focusing on larger cup sizes more in terms of offering, where they had never offered luxury or fashionable product before.”

Whether or not supernaturally giant breasts will rush to humanity’s aid in our time of greatest need remains to be seen, but we can at least rest assured that whatever they’re doing and whoever they belong to, many such breasts, now blossoming in comfortably fitted brasseries, they’ll be more attractive and better supported, in turn supporting us all.

Big Tits

Beatin’ on a Budget! with Reality Kings

Reality Kings

When a good deal can mean the difference between piss-poor quality pirated smut infecting your PC with the tech equivalent of herpes and a self-satisfying sexual experience beyond compare, it’s good to have someone in your corner fighting to keep your wallet fat in these uncertain times. Each of us at Mr. Pink’s knows the difference between a site that’s an incredible bargain and one that’s merely not quite ripping you off, so in an effort to highlight worthwhile deals and discounts benefiting our readers I present to you, friend, the first installment of Mr. Pink’s brand-new recurring feature blog: Beatin’ on a Budget!

This week it seems most appropriate to point all you horned-up cheapskates in the direction of a modern classic: Reality Kings. A network initially built around a few inexpensive “reality-based” adult concept sites, but soon infamous across the ‘net, Reality Kings has probably coaxed a few ejaculations from you already, but now it wants more. Home to MILF Hunter, Round and Brown, 8th Street Latinas, Cum Fiesta, and Big Naturals, among other sites, this consistently impressive 42-site network holds a very strong archive of more than 2,000 scenes, each of them exclusive and original, as well as a very healthy update schedule keeping up the streams of stunning 720p and 1080p HD videos.

The Math:
Breaking down a $17.95 month at Reality Kings shows what value this discount delivers. At 42¢-a-site and less than 1¢-a-scene, this Reality Kings deal is a steal if ever there was one and will surely keep you beatin’ on a budget!

Christy Mack vs The Race Card: Round Two

Christy Mack

On the popular porn community site, FreeOnes, Christy Mack posted, answering a few questions from fans and providing some insight into her personality and professional agenda. Stating for the record her views on interracial hardcore, Christy seemed to clear everything up, saying “I do not do IR (interracial) because I don’t want to right now. I may do it in the future, I may not. I’m just being real with you all.” And in the minds of many fans it was this comment that solidified her racism? Perhaps Mack just isn’t fond of the way many directors instruct their African American male stars to act, constantly tossing out lines like “Take that big black monster dick, you white slut!” Perhaps her boyfriend, MMA fighter War Machine, simply knows when he’s genitally outmatched and has asked his beloved to abstain while with him. Perhaps (though I doubt it) Christy Mack has some physical limitation barring her from riding any dick over 9″, putting Mandingo, Lex Steele, Sean Michaels, and Shane Diesel out of competition for her cooch.

Most simply, though, Christy Mack is likely holding off on performing an interracial scene because she knows the presiding rule of governing one’s career as a female performer in adult entertainment: avoid an act for years and when you finally give in you’ll make much more than any initial offering. In porn, the bottom line always wins. When it comes to boy-girl, creampie, anal, DP, or gangbang scenes, the bottom line wins. And, when it comes to African American penises entering white women, the bottom line wins again.

Not in my house

Christy Mack vs The Race Card: Round One

Nowadays, the only thing worse than being racist is accusing someone of being racist. ‘Playing the race card,’ generally involves bringing an observation or accusation of racism into a conversation thought to be otherwise devoid of such subtext. Usually, though, the racism is present, just well-hidden (as is historically customary), leaving the now obviously bigoted to resort to shame-avoiding debating techniques like shouting “The race card! The race card!” This phrase immediately makes the subject (the person ‘playing the race card’) a bleeding-heart liberal windbag who should be ignored at all costs and the person who initially roused said windbag’s anti-racist ire a valiant protector of free speech. Oh, the irony!

What to do, though, when a favorite pornstar is accused to harboring racist sentiments that keeps her from fulfilling your most precious fantasy? What to do, though, when Christy Mack openly states that she won’t fuck black guys on camera, denying her fans the hardcore interracial scene they’ve been clamoring for?

Christy Mack

Christy Mack, the heavily tattooed, mohawked vixen who’s taken the porn world by storm of late, has been labelled “a racist” by some so-called fans simply because she has decided not to have sex with African Americans in her professional life. I first encountered such an accusation in a comment (since removed) on a Videobox scene and, some hasty Googling later, found a wealth of outrage from fans pissed they won’t see Lex Steele tear up Mack’s pussy anytime soon. “Racist!” they cried, insisting that any woman who doesn’t fuck black men must utterly loathe them. But could that possibly be true? Does that make me racist ’cause I’ve never boned an Eskimo?