Bree Olson: Naked for Kony 2012

Alongside his father Nick, George Clooney was arrested last Friday outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington D.C. during a protest organised to draw attention to Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir’s alleged bombing attacks on his own citizens, primarily in South Kordofan near Sudan’s border with newly independent South Sudan.

Like Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, former pornstar Bree Olson felt compelled to take action after hearing of the Kony 2012 protest movement, a largely online protest encouraging further U.S. efforts to arrest Joseph Kony, leader of Ugandan guerilla group the Lord’s Resistance Army. Having been made aware of Kony’s International Criminal Court indictment for war crimes and violations of the human rights of his fellow citizens, most of which have now been well documented on respectable websites, Bree decided to cavort around on the beach in Los Angeles, wearing next to nothing, and upload a video to YouTube. As you do.

Informing her viewers of Kony’s horrific crimes while providing some rather absurd eye-candy – check out Bree’s facial expressions as she smears muddy sand around her neck and that “is she stoned or serious” look she gives while walking alongside one of LA’s ubiquitous chain-link fences – Bree says she juxtaposed these images of herself with photographic evidence of Kony’s crimes because “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

Hey, good for her, she got involved in a movement she cares about. And while many of Bree’s fans will be thrilled to ogle her one more time and might possibly read up on and even protest Kony’s crimes in their own way, they’re probably just pissed the ex-pornstar with a rather scary impregnation fantasy didn’t actually take it all off like the title of her video, Naked for Kony 2012, suggested.

AVN 2012: The Democratic Porn Awards

AVN AwardsDevoted fans of adult entertainment have always been able to vote with their wallets, but this year Adult Video News is giving them the chance to vote with their trackpads and mice. In addition to the multitude of categories of professional competition in the 2012 AVN Awards, the folks at AVN have decided to rely on the opinions of the porn-viewing public to determine who rules supreme on viewers laptop, iPhone, and television screens this season.

The four categories cover three of the most essential awards – Best Body, Favorite Porn Star, and Hottest Sex Scene – while the last is definitely a sign that pornstars who communicate with fans via social networking sites are much loved. Twitter Queen will arguably be the most hotly contested award, but in the opinion of this reporter, there’s only one woman who can truly claim to be the most actively read and frequently discussed Tweeter in porn (even if she has allegedly retired) and that’s Ms. Bree Olson, author of such notable musings as ” I was reading an Alton Brown cookbook while getting fucked in the ass last night. It was an interesting experience,” and “Forgot my vibrator buy one take pic and giveme # and I’ll let u cum 2 hotel &fuckeme 2nite Vegas.” Who else but the woman proclaimed by Howard Stern to be The World’s Biggest Whore could snag an award celebrating extreme filthiness in fewer than 140 characters?

You’ve only got until Jan. 12, 2012 to cast your votes, smut fans, so you’d better get a-motivatin’ on over to the AVN Awards site where ¬†your vote really does count for something.

Bree Olson Retires From Porn, Not Controversy

After the media shit-storm that surrounded Charlie Sheen’s now legendary 36-hour alcohol and drug binge back in January, the pornstars that accompanied him, Kacey Jordan, Melanie Rios, and Bree Olson, ducked and weaved the attention of some media outlets while aggressively courting others. When Gigi Rivera, another pornstar involved with Sheen, quietly retired from adult entertainment, no one could blame her; the 19-year-old had barely dipped her toe into porn before it all came crumbling down around her. One retirement nobody really saw coming was that of Bree Olson, whose decision to quite fucking on film Mr. Pink’s only just heard about. Telling a TMZ cameraman that she’s leaving porn for good in an effort to rebrand herself as a serious actress, Olson is actively pursuing acting lessons and apparently hopes to follow in the footsteps of another controversial ex-pornstar, Sasha Grey.

Can it really be true, though? Can the self-appointed “World’s Biggest Whore” really give up getting blasted with cum for a living? After all, if the following choice excerpts from Ms. Olson’s Twitter are anything to go by, she’ll probably just end up blowing everyone in her any auditions she’s lucky enough to land. Hey, wait… That sounds like the way most “actresses” make it in tinsel town!

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