Kelly Madison’s 900th Scene

Kelly MadisonGenuine milestones are rarely appreciated in the adult industry, with accolades instead going to a female performer’s first anal or double-penetration scene. A few months ago, however, Kelly and Ryan Madison reached their 400th Porn Fidelity episode and celebrated with Sophie Dee, Phoenix Marie, Yurizan Beltran, McKenzie Lee, and Samantha Saint in a seven-person scene entitled ‘The Bangover’. Porn’s most notorious married couple didn’t stop there, however. This week saw Kelly’s main site, Kelly Madison dot com, add its 900th scene!

Having been active online for over ten years now, it makes sense that Kelly’s site would end up with such a huge collection, but, man, NINE HUNDRED SCENES, all of them exclusive and originally created by Kelly & Co. – that’s certainly an achievement to be proud of. So, how did Kelly celebrate this particular milestone, you ask? Well, she grabbed her dear darling husband, Ryan, and threw him into the middle of a three-girl sandwich with herself and two other mega-busty blonde sluts. Shooting a load on each set of undulating breasts – three loads; whatta man! – Ryan seems to be getting all the gifts whenever he and Kelly throw a party. Not only is Kelly Madison an AVN and XBiz Award winner, she’s a devoted wife, an awesome lay, and one heck of a sweet gal.

Here’s to 900 more!

Peeping Pt. 2: Peepers Beware

Whether or not you’re aware of it, the likelihood that a complete stranger has has visual access to the lower undergarment your girlfriend, sister, friend, mother, or even daughter is very high. If these females wear skirts, it is even higher. If they have worn a skirt while visiting New York’s Union Square, it’s almost a certainty. Peepers are on a panty-prowl all over the world, yes, but thanks to the tireless efforts of Normal Bob Smith, the self-appointed sentinel of Union Square, these perverted men face embarrassment, exposure, and ridicule. On his Union Square-focused website, Normal Bob Smith’s Amazing Strangers, our hero has, as previously reported by Mr. Pink’s, documented the activities and methodologies of these Peepers in an effort to enlighten and empower skirt-wearing women of New York and, indeed, of the entire world. The most illustrative of Smith’s documents is a series of video works entitled “Methods of a Peeper.” With six installments already online (and hopefully more to come), Smith goes into incredible detail narrating this own footage of Peepers in action. After exposing the “Tandem Style Passenger Window”, “Portrait”, and “Front Row” Peeping methods, Smith and his camera have unearthed actual footage of the most dangerous of all Peeping methods, Picture Peeping.

Armed with an everyday digital camera, the Picture Peeper doesn’t just hope to catch himself a glimpse of a stranger’s panties, he hopes to document it for later viewing and perhaps even distribution. We’ve all seen websites purporting to host galleries and movies of surreptitiously snapped upskirt or down-blouse images, but I, for one, usually assume they were taken with the permission and cooperation of the subject. Methods of a Peeper 6: Picture Peeping now has me convinced otherwise. With his camera trained on a pot-bellied aging Peeper, Smith points out various peeping techniques – dangling a camera from the wrist, pretending to calculate numbers while holding said camera, holding the camera low and steady while taking long, extended videos et. al. – all of which allow the Peeper to store his images for a lonely Saturday evening or for sharing with friends. With the unwelcome online distribution of intimate photos as hot a topic as ever, the lessons to be gleaned from Smith’s public service videos are so vital they perhaps should be shown in schools, YWCAs, and self-defense classes around the country.

Like Spider-Man and Travis Bickle before him, though, Normal Bob Smith and his selfless attempts to preserve the sanctity of his beloved New York will likely go unnoticed, misunderstood, and under-appreciated. Mr. Pink, for one, isn’t afraid to applaud his heroic efforts, efforts that have brought him face-to-face with the sleaziest men of The Big Apple, resulted in plenty of hate mail, and no doubt placed his own safety in great jeopardy.

Normal Bob Smith, you are a true patriot and for you valiant efforts to protect the sanctity of what lies between the legs of the women of New York, Mr. Pink salutes you, sir.

Bree Olson Retires From Porn, Not Controversy

After the media shit-storm that surrounded Charlie Sheen’s now legendary 36-hour alcohol and drug binge back in January, the pornstars that accompanied him, Kacey Jordan, Melanie Rios, and Bree Olson, ducked and weaved the attention of some media outlets while aggressively courting others. When Gigi Rivera, another pornstar involved with Sheen, quietly retired from adult entertainment, no one could blame her; the 19-year-old had barely dipped her toe into porn before it all came crumbling down around her. One retirement nobody really saw coming was that of Bree Olson, whose decision to quite fucking on film Mr. Pink’s only just heard about. Telling a TMZ cameraman that she’s leaving porn for good in an effort to rebrand herself as a serious actress, Olson is actively pursuing acting lessons and apparently hopes to follow in the footsteps of another controversial ex-pornstar, Sasha Grey.

Can it really be true, though? Can the self-appointed “World’s Biggest Whore” really give up getting blasted with cum for a living? After all, if the following choice excerpts from Ms. Olson’s Twitter are anything to go by, she’ll probably just end up blowing everyone in her any auditions she’s lucky enough to land. Hey, wait… That sounds like the way most “actresses” make it in tinsel town!

Wish I was a cheap $20 hooker laying in this bed and one guy after another would come in this room and cum inside me while I just lay here.Thu Feb 17 23:54:50 via Echofon



I’m so horny! I got him off but I still need to get off! Maybe I should go to one of these truck stops and let all the men cum in me.Fri Apr 02 19:57:58 via Twitter for iPhone



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